Introducing MaisonCo, the stunning new addition to the downtown Manhattan skyline. A perfect blend of breathtaking architecture designed, with awe-inspiring interiors envisioned

Sleek and sophisticated, Costix offers qualities always coveted, but rarely obtained in the finest New York rental residences – a unique blend of generously proportioned interiors and the enjoyment of Nassau Club over 10,000 square feet of indoor and outdoor amenities creatively conceived to enhance your exceptional FiDi lifestyle.

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From the vibrant ground level plaza to the terraces, private
gardens, balconies and lush rooftop work spaces, Costix offers
an array of amenities …

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Building Strong Relationships

At the Maryland African Chamber of Commerce, trust is the bedrock of our organization. We aspire to be the steadfast best friend of the African business community in Maryland. To achieve this, we prioritize discretion, care, and respect in all of our interactions, whether within our internal team or in our dealings with external partners. We recognize that trust is the foundation of strong relationships, and we are committed to earning and upholding that trust from our dedicated staff, valued members, and all stakeholders who place their confidence in us.

Fostering Openness and Partnership

Our commitment to collaboration is at the heart of our operations. We believe in transparency in our decision-making, intentions, and processes. We are open, welcoming, and friendly to all who seek to engage with us. Collaboration is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental approach we adopt in all our interactions with our members, stakeholders, and partners. We understand that by working together, we can achieve more and create a stronger, more interconnected business community.

Upholding the Highest Standards

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of probity and honesty. Integrity is non-negotiable, and it’s the backbone of our work. We are committed to conducting our affairs with an unwavering sense of ethical responsibility. Every action we take and every decision we make is guided by the principles of integrity, ensuring that we maintain the trust and respect of our community.

A Commitment to Sustainability

As an organization, we are dedicated to advancing the cause of sustainable growth and the attainment of environmentally sustainable goals. We not only talk the talk but walk the walk by actively encouraging our members and stakeholders to do the same. Our vision extends beyond business success; we aim to make a positive impact on our environment and community by promoting sustainable practices that lead to shared prosperity.

Empowering Diverse Voices

Inclusivity is a driving force behind our mission. We are determined to create opportunities that offer every African, regardless of their background, an equitable chance to contribute to and benefit from the prosperity of our state. We believe that diversity enriches our community, and we are committed to providing platforms and support for all voices to be heard and valued.

Metropolitan Opera House Lincoln Center Theater New York Philharmonic New York City Ballet The Julliard School

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The gracious entry foyer leads to an open kitchen with custom stained walnut cabinetry, granite countertops, and a built-in dining banquette (in select one bedroom homes).




Shopping Center


Shopping Mall


TOWER PH1512 1 / 1 625 - $2055 View Now
TOWER 501 2 / 2 1030 $5559 - View Now
TOWER PH1706 1 / 1 - 428 $2100 View Now
TOWER 320 1 / 1 453 - $2055 View Now
TOWER 303 1 / 1 414 $3280 - View Now
TOWER 818 1 / 1 376 - $2790 View Now
TOWER 501 2 / 2 1030 $5559 - View Now
TOWER PH1706 1 / 1 428 - $2100 View Now

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